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Error code bX-jdokxi - i can't change my template!

Have you ever got the error code bX-jdokxi when you try to change template?

Any of you who have tried to change Blogger templates or moved around your blog’s page elements have probably seen the dreaded Blogger “bX-xxxxxx” cryptic error message.

It’s frustrating enough to see an error message after trying to make what seems like a trivial change to your blog and how can you fix the problem if you’re given an error code instead of a actionable error message like “template is incorrect on line xx”? Blogger’s support area doesn’t even give you information on what each error means and how to resolve it so if you want their help you need to post a message and wait 12+ hours for someone at Google support to respond. You would think Google would spend some more time and resources to improve their error messages and Blogger support.

So the main question is what does the error message actually mean and how can you fix it now?

Blogger bX Error message

For me, I was able to fix it by making a few changes but there was no exact science as to how I did it.

  • Use Fire Fox rather than Internet Explorer when you're having
    trouble with a template.

  • Make a backup of the code in each of your gadgets or widgets, so
    you can put them back later, then remove all of them.

  • Before attempting to upload a template, make sure the "Expand
    Widget Template" box is UNchecked.

  • There are far less problems if you can get the template as a txt
    file rather than xml. With a txt file you can just paste it in,
    than having to upload it.

  • Install one of Blogger's templates. Then try again.If you're using an xml file, don't paste it. Save it on your harddrive, and then on the template page, use "Browse" to find it on your computer. Then click "Upload."

For the Last ways and the Best way to Fix this error you should Revert to Classic Template:

  1. Layout => Edit HTML => Revert to Classic Template


  3. Layout => Edit HTML (Install with a new template).

Now I think you can change with a new template you like, without any error code.

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