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How to get your blog indexed by Google faster?

Get your blog indexed by major search engine such as Google is really important especially if you were targeting on traffics from the search engine. Get your blog indexed by search engine such as google is one of the most important thing that you should learn to SEO your blog. By get indexing by Google, your article in the blog now can be show up in the search engine.

First of all, make sure you have read my “How to check if my blog already get index by google?” post before you read the above method.
1. Add you blog link to the social bookmarking site

social-bookmarking-list How to get your blog indexed by Google faster?

There is a lot of social bookmarking in the internet right now. But, our target is to get our blog indexed by the search engine through social bookmarking. So, we choose some high PageRank (PR) social bookmarking site to submit our blog.

Why we need to add our blog to high PR social bookmarking site? This is because google spider frequently visits this high PR site looking for new content in it. So, once the google spider crawl to the website and found your blog link there, the Google Spider also will automatically crawl to your blog. When the Google Spider crawl to your blog, thats meant your blog is already started to be indexed by GOOGLE. Easy right?

But most people doesn’t know which high PR social bookmarking site should I choose? Here you go, Taufik Hidayat has share his List of High PR Social Bookmarking Site at WMTips.

2. Make a comment on Do-Follow blog

dofollow-comment-index How to get your blog indexed by Google faster?

What is Do-Follow blog? Do-Follow blog is blog that already alters the rel=”nofollow” tag in their comment section. All you have to do is comment on that do-follow blog by including your blog link in the comment URL form. Once google come to that do-follow blog and found your blog link in the comment sections, it will automatically follow your blog and indexing your blog in the same time. Really easy right?

And just like submitting to social bookmarking site technique, you also need to make sure you comment on high PR do-follow blog. But, where I can found any do-follow blog? Here is some of my favourite Do-follow list and Do-follow blog directories:

  1. Do Follow Blogs Directories

  2. Do Follow Blog List

  3. Do Follow Blog Search Engine

And many more which you can find out thorugh google. Make sure you make a real comment and not just some spammy comments such as “That’s great”, “Thanks”, “Useful :)” and etc since this blog often use comment moderation to approve the comments. Don’t be lazy to read up the article first before you comment if you want your comment to be approved and get indexed by google faster in the same time.

3. Add your blog to Google Analytics Tool

google-analytics-index How to get your blog indexed by Google faster?

This is one of the famous way to get your blog get index faster by Google. Google Analytics is a tool which is use to make analysis on your blog. By using this tool, you can easily observe everything that happen on your site.

How did this technique work? Well, during the registration of your blog to the Google Analytics, you need to add the meta url to your blog code to make sure your blog is approved. So, during that time Google Spider will automatically visit you site to find that meta url and automatically index your site.

Apart from just to get your blog index by google, this tool is really useful for other purposes to such as maintaining your blog. If you were using self-hosted wordpress blog, you can easily add Google Analytics code to your site using this plugin: Google Analytics for Wordpress.

4. Make an article and submit it to article submission site

article-google-index-faster How to get your blog indexed by Google faster?

This trick already been used for many years and it still work well to get your blog index by google faster. I know that many of us doesn’t like to write an article and submit it to the article submission directory. But, believe me that this technique really work although it consume your time a bit.

You will not only get your blog index faster but google, but you also can get some instant traffics to your blog just by submitting some useful article to those Article Submission site.

Just like the another technique above, you still need to make sure that you submit your article to high PR list of Article Submission site. Here the top 10 high PR Free Article Submission from DollorShower.

But make sure that you hyperlink your blog address in the article and make sure that the article you were writing is in the same topic with the blog that you want to get the blog indexed faster by google.

Well, there are actually a lot more technique to get your blog index by google faster. But the top 4 above are my favourite and worked for most of my blog to get index faster by google.

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