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Preah Vihear Province ព្រះវិហារ

Preah Vihear Province

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Preah Vihear
Country: Flag of Cambodia Cambodia
Division: Province
Area: 13,788 km²
Inhabitants: 119,261 (1998)
Pop. density: 8.6 inh./km²
ISO 3166-2: KH-13
Map of Cambodia highlighting Preah Vihear Province

Preah Vihear is a northern province of Cambodia. Its capital is Phnom Tbeng Meanchey.

The province is named after the temple of Prasat Preah Vihear.

[edit] Administration

The province is subdivided into 7 districts.

[edit] Sites

  • Koh Ker Temple complex - Koh Ker was once a capital city of Cambodia.
  • Bakan or Preah Khan temples: 105 kilometres southwest of the provincial town, built under the reign of King Suryavarman I (1002-1050)
  • Noreay Temples, five 7th century temples made of Sandstone, laterite and brick, 32 kilometres northeast of the town. Built in the 7th century.
  • Phnom Pralean temple: a temple built to worship Brahmanism, on top of a 180 metres hill
  • Neak Buos temple 75 kilometres north of Tbaeng Meanchey
  • Krapum Chhouk temple: built in the 10th century in laterite and stone, 45 kilometres south of Tbaeng Meanchey
  • Kork Beng temple: a ruined laterite and sandstone temple built between 936 and 951 by a commander named Kork on the order of King Jayavarman IV.
  • Wat Peung Preah Ko: a place of worship in beautiful natural surroundings believed to possess strong supernatural powers

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